Los Angeles Based Pet Supplier
Uncovers Transformative Canine Care

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Dog owners worldwide are flipping out over a new discovery in animal science.

Brian Murphy, founder of a world wide pet supply chain might be solely responsible for the discovery.

“My job previously was to help owners identify red flags in their pets - behavioral changes, anxiety, laziness, and upset stomach - to identify their pets cries for help.” He states.

“Although, the tide is changing as of late. It’s more about being proactive with their canine’s health.”

The adjustment in treatment standards landed Mr. Murphy on a technique, unthinkable before, that might be able to help pups live longer, healthier lives - no matter their breed or age.

“The transformation of older dogs is drastic, especially ones that administer tell-tale signs.” he goes on to say. “The shocking part is they have more energy, they want to play more, more nimble, and calmer...and it only takes weeks. They even have healthier looking coats.”

Murphy has pioneered the pet industry over the years, creating dozens of widely used products that help pet health - along many different verticals - but believes this to be his greatest accomplishment to date.

“This treatment was backed by human focused science, but I’ve created a simple, yet effective use for canines.” he states. “I think it’s a big step forward for our pets, our four-legged family members.”

And now, since releasing an educational video for dog owners, Mr. Murphy is giving a simple to follow protocol for home use.

If you’re interested in trying to enhance your dog’s life span with Mr. Murphy’s treatment, click the link below for more instructions.

Watch his presentation here.

Dog Nutrition Video